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Family law legal services for adoptions in Georgia.Our family law services cover the wider range of legal issues that may confront individuals and families. Common family law issues include adoption and foster care, paternity suits, emancipation of minors, dependency, child abuse or neglect, powers of attorney and similar issues concerning children and dependent adults.

If you have minor children that are showing signs of extreme rebellion, becoming difficult to control or otherwise presenting an overwhelming parenting situation, we may be able to help you find appropriate programs, family counseling or legal means to amend the situation. Our family law services offer a wide range of solutions and resources.


General Family Law Services

Adoption in Georgia

Adoption is a complex legal process that requires an experienced family law attorney to better assure optimum results. As your adoption attorney we advise you of your rights, explain options and manage the adoptive process from start to finish. Adoption is much more than simply adding a child to your family. An adoption should be carefully managed to mitigate potential problems with birth mother’s rights, the putative father’s rights, foreign adoption delays, and any health or special needs issues. The process of adopting a child in state custody, or foster care, is another complexity where we can be of service. We can manage any type of adoption process or foster care adoption situation.

Paternity & Legitimation

Paternity claims must go through a legal process in order to become an established legal fact. Legitimation is the equivalent right of the putative or biological father to establish his relationship with the child and establish his legal rights to the child. After establishing paternity, it is then possible for a mother to request child support from the father, and a father may request child visitation or custody arrangements. The paternity process is only a first step in asserting parental rights. The paternity process is not always quick, so any desire to establish paternity should be initiated by a family law attorney as soon as reasonably possible.

Pre Nuptial & Post Nuptial Agreements

We offer pre-marriage legal services for Prenuptial Agreements, which are your best legal protection for your high value assets. Today’s society has no problems with filing for divorce. This could pose a serious and costly event for some individuals seeking to protect the assets they are bringing into a marriage. The cost to draft a binding pre-nuptial agreement is extremely minimal when you consider the typical value that is potentially at risk. Our family law experience includes drafting and reviewing pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Domestic Violence Protection

Family law services can help protect you from domestic violence, and your children from abduction or violence and any domestic concerns. We can represent you to obtain a (TPO) temporary protective order (Georgia’s equivalent of a restraining order) or to help you seek the arrest and prosecution of threatening individuals. It is common in divorce and custody cases to deal with highly emotional, often irrational, behaviors. You should contact us if you have experienced physical abuse, harassment, stalking, unlawful restraint, intimidation or other interference with your, or your child’s, personal liberty or safety. As your family law attorney we can help.

Post Divorce Family Law Services

Child Custody Modification

Child Custody Modifications

In Georgia, the court makes the final decisions on child custody. Children 14 years old or older may choose which parent with whom they would prefer to live. But the decision on any modification remains with the court and the child’s preference is not necessarily binding.

Due to changing circumstances in income, parental behaviors, relocation or other situations, there may be a need or desire to request a child custody modification. Any changes to child custody or living arrangements can require changes in child support payment amounts and direction. Child custody modifications can be made for general child custody, child visitation, grandparent’s visitation rights, and related matters. Learn more >>

Child Support Modification

Child Support Modification

Child support payments in Georgia are determined based on the incomes of both parents, and in accordance with set payment calculation guidelines. As the income levels of each parent change, up or down, it may be necessary to request a modification of child support.

The child support modification process is not quick, so any desire to get a child support modification should be initiated as soon as reasonably possible. Use a Georgia Child Support Calculator to get an idea of your modified child support payment amount. Learn more >>

Spousal Support Modification

Spousal Support Modification

Spousal support may be awarded to a divorcing spouse, on a temporary or permanent basis, whenever the court determines that the facts justify such action. The right to receive spousal support (alimony) is not automatic in the state of Georgia. There are a number of key factors which will be reviewed and considered before any spousal support is awarded. These factors include the income and financial status of each person, non-financial contributions to the marriage, established standard of living and some subjective criteria.

Proof of adultery or abandonment usually nullifies any right to alimony in Georgia. Any award of spousal support is subject to revision through a support modification process. Learn more >>

Contempt of Court

Contempt & Enforcement

After a divorce is final there may be times when one person is not abiding by court orders. We can work with you to file contempt or enforcement actions, or defend you against contempt charges.

In some instances we can resolve the issues without the need to formally pursue court enforcement actions. Sometimes this means considering requesting modifications to meet changing conditions, and sometimes it means letting the other party know that you are serious about addressing the problem. Our goal is to resolve the problem with the least amount of stress and costs. Learn more >>